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The navigation on the 2011 is much better than the one that was in my 2009 Camry XLE. That being said it is hard to beat a Garmin, but we love the big screen for movies and rear view camera.

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totally agree with rhammers.

i think it's slow as heck

it won't let you enter new destinations once you're moving

it has useless pop-up windows that cover half of the screen and you can't turn it off (only some stuff)

it has an accuracy of about +/- 1 mile (ok, exaggerating) and tells you, "you have arrived at your destination" when you're several houses/buildings away.

it's supposed to have a 2009 map DVD. our house was built in 2003, the street was there even before that; the map shows an empty field there with no street or houses.

can you tell how much I hate it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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