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need 20-25 Horse Stat for 03 rolla S!

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Does anyone know the cheapest way to add 20-25 horse to the 2003 corolla S?
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I was thinking cold air intake? but that will probly give only me around 10 -12 tops what you think?
intake and exhaust...those are the "quickest"(whatever that means...).

here's a or manual?
if its auto.. no matter what you do, it will still be slow. :D

Intake and exhaust will probably give you about 15-20hp.
So there's no way to boost up an auto transmission???
a levelten torque converter will make it seem faster...
aw10134 said:
Does anyone know the cheapest way to add 20-25 horse to the 2003 corolla S?
i want the same thing too. probably change the "chip" for fuel & emission control. here's a hint: in the philippines the 2003 corolla is called Altis. It's 1.8L, VVT-i 4 cylinder, DOHC, 16 valve, & here it is 145 hp @ 6,000 rpm & 188 torque @ 4,200 rpm. Please post whatever you guys find out.
you can't chip a corolla. plain and doesn't work like a european car.

HP is not what's felt off the line, it's overall speed capability(when one factors in the weight of the car as well). if you want stuff you can FEEL, go for a levelten torque converter, intake, and exhaust. those are the best three available to you. they DO add some horsepower as well, but nothing like what a turbo or supercharger would add.

and before you ask, if you're looking for the cheapest way to add horsepower, turbos and superchargers are at least $2k.
if i was you...i would put intake and exhaust...but thats not going to be alot of HP...and since you have an auto.....drop the tranny down and put a torque converter on...also while the tranny is down..i would put a light flywheel and a lighter driveshaft....this wouldn't give you more hp but it would give you higher revs....BE CARFUL..too light of a flywheel will destroy your low end torque....but in your case i guess that really doesn't matter..:lol:
Auto tranny already has you putting down 10 less horsepower to the wheels than a manual at least. Get a CAI and you will be back on level ground.
The whole gammet of bolt-ons should net you around 20-30HP.
CAI, ported Throttle Body, header, turbo CAT, cat-back exhaust, Pulleys, ground wires,poly motor mounts, Uni-chip, etc...
or you could do it in one shot and drop 3 large on a TRD Super charger.
do nitrous:D that pretty quick
regardless, you have to pay to play. nothing's cheap when it comes to true gains...and if you do it halfassed you're risking blowing your motor(especially with the nitrous on a stock motor).
i would put intake and exhaust or a shift kit b/c its a auto. DO NOT PUT NITROUS ON IT. u will blow the engine. u can burp the engine and do alot more things.
Guys Guys sorry for the misunderstanding see I don't want a ricer LOL i've got a 748S Ducati for that. Heres the situation. My girl is throttle hungry. from stop shes on it hard till the speed limit I just want to get here there a little faster. don't want to drop the tranny for converter and don't want 2k into a turbo or super charger. I want some good daily driver HP how much do you think is necessary to get rid up the drag and acceleration lag ? 10, 15, 20? and what will it take money wise?? 100, 300, 500, more?
and where is a good place to get all this stuff intake, exaust etc. etc. Thanks again.
I read all the posts and nobody suggested any "rice" as far as I'm concerned.. but if I was to say.. "add some stickers and that will give you some nice HP" I would retract my words. :D

Like I said before.. its an auto.. you already lost enough power there, no sense in trying to gain it back now. :rolleyes:

1985rollasr5: I don't even think they make "shift kits" for corollas and if they did.. its not like its a fuking V8 so it won't make any difference. :rolleyes:
the lag is caused by the auto tranny. only way to lessen the lag is to upgrade the torque converter.
which is what i said if someone would read :(
God never said you can't chip a corolla.
My point is: corollas sold in places like uk & asia have a higher hp & tourque than here in states using same engine size. It's gotta be california emission control. i believe this will be the cheapest way - say $500. the lady does not want to hear other non-sense costing thousands 'cause she might as well buy a sports car - common sense.
You make a good point where you think the best place online to learn about these foriegn models would be? or if you already have a god idea of where I would look for a chip that works too. Last question and i'll leave you guys alone. Whats a torque converter cost?
Most toyota's in foreign countries with the exact same engine have about the same horsepower. the corolla 1zz engine in asia and europe are rated the same as north america.
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