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Need a good deal on a Sienna SE in SoCal

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I'm in the market for a Sienna SE. If anyone bought one recently and got a good deal, please let me know which salesperson and dealership you got it from. Thanks in advance.

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Hey Jack. I just picked up my SE at Toyota Carlsbad (from Scott) last Friday. Paid 32.5k, I'm sure i could of gotten lower but they gave me a great deal on my trade in and my monthly was right where i wanted to be. Good luck...i've gotten alot of compliments so far.

I brought mine for $31,9k including peferred package, roof rack and also received good value back from my trade-in. I'm located in S.F. and I know my friend brought one for $31,7k
Thanks. The best deal I could find is $31,900. MSRP is $34,684.
I paid 35068.10 no trade in with tints on the front rain gaurds and flip down dvd IN CONNECTICUT
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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