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need a guide for driver side panel

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I'm looking for links, pictures and diagrams of a Gen3 of the driver's side panel. where the windows and power door locks are.

my power door lock on the driver side doesn't work. but my passager side does. I attempted to take the panel out and sucedded but no idea what to do after that.

When i took it out i found basicly a computer chip protected in clear white coating and a connector with about 10 wires. i was unable to remove the wires. but yea hopefully i can fix this on my own because it really does get annoying that i can't lock my doors w/o reaching over the passanger side.
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panel removal details;

As for the harness, it's kinda tough to take off but it should just snap off but gently depressing the tongue of the harness and pulling it apart. Once you do gain access to the switch, check to make sure the electrical contacts aren't corroded. If that is the problem, a light sanding will help. Another thing it might be is a warn plastic protrusion on the swtich. Over time the plastic wears down rendering it useless. The only solution to that is to go junk yard diving for a used switch assembly. Good luck.
thanks but this is a little too much. do you think i can just remove the little switch panel instead of the whole door panel. i remove the switch panel. not the whole door. i think removing the whole door is a little drastic here.
Ok, here is what you do.

You don't have to remove the whole door to get the 'master' switch out (I think you already knew that). So when you pull it out, there is that block looking computer chip. It held to the thing with clips on the side (as far as I remember), it's either clips that you push on and pull the white cover out, or screwes. Pull the plug (with 12 or so wires) out of the 'chip', you press the clip on the plug to remove it. Then, you'll have to snap the cover off the 'chip' that help by clips on the side as well. When you get to the core, just unscrew all the screwes that you see, but becarefull when you do that, there are few springs inside the 'chip', don't loose them, unscrew everything somehwere so you can find your parts if they get loose.
Then remove the black cover with all the bottons and you should see the core of the whole thing, try cleaning the electrical contacts on there, maybe this would fix your problem. Mine were black as something burned out inside.

Well this is all. It's not hard at all, just look carefully how stuff is held together and you'll get it all off in less then a minute.

I got the same problem like you do, I'm not too good with electronics so my friend tested few things and its probably a relay that is broken, I still gotta check. If anything relay is under your steering wheel (you have to remove the bottom cover in order to get there).

Well, good luck, let me know if you find out what the problem was.

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thanks i just read it and it did make a little sense to me. I'll re-read this and attempt to do this little project sunday or monday.
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