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It's a rough time to try and buy a Tundra or Tacoma, I know.

Issue: After a mechanic helicoil'd when a plug seized and stripped the threads, warning lights come on until the engine warms up (including high oil pressure). The warning lights will go off if the truck is turned off and on again after it warms up.

Truck has 225k miles, 2nd owner has put 130k of those miles on it as a daily driver/weekend hauler. He changed the oil/filter every 5k. At 180k (I think) he replaced axle(s) up front, and other things that seem routine to me (not having owned a Toyota truck, but having lived around Fords) for that many miles.

He bought a new truck in October, was going to keep this and use it for more truck'ish stuff, but hasn't had time and can't justify keeping 2.

He says it runs great, and doesn't mind if I hook it up to my cheapie code reader.

I read there was a warning light thing that happened in one of the car mag tester vehicles back in the day. The dealership would clear the codes, send them on their way, and then they'd take it back when it happened again. Since this cropped up after the plug, I dunno... And I can't remember how many miles ago the plug happened.

It's not rusty (was treated somewhere around 180k), isn't banged up and the interior isn't trashed.

For an asking price of $7000 (down from $9000), I don't know how much of a risk to take, or if it's a big risk.

I know this is also how sadness is made, but he and his wife seem like good people. He's been upfront with all this before I even set up a time to go out tomorrow.

Thoughts, o' great forum gurus?

And yes, I know this is last minute... and roasting the Tundra-wannabe-owner-newbie is totally fair!

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Did ya get a chance to go see it etc. Are there any pending or active codes?
High oil pressure could be a sender or choice of oil even. If it's high I'd expect signs of leakage,
One of those deals ya gotta see and hear it etc. Any explanation for the price drop in this skewed market.
No lookers or are they walking away?
Good Luck!

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Did ya get a chance to go see it etc.
- Seller's wife had a family thing come up. Hopefully will get to look at it in the next day or two.

- Price drop = My guesses are: location is a little off the main route here, the pictures make it look rougher than it is, and he just wants to get it gone since he's not using it.

- Lookers = That I don't know. He's so up front about everything he laid out, it's possible people aren't going to look. Plus he works nights and the wife works days, so getting to get to see it isn't easy.

Could be a complete nightmare, but he was so free with detailed maintenance and repairs, I really want to check it out.

'Course, there was a 2007 Solara hardtop with 80k for $2500 that came up today... and I was like 'Screw it, just go look at that!', which is silly, but maybe with a sawzall and some duct tape, I could make a tiny pickup... Like a Frankensteined El Solaro, or Solachero...

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What an epic misrepresentation!

Probably the worst case of misleading-the-customer I'd ever seen. I was so taken aback, I failed to take follow-up pictures to share.
  • gas tank held on by a dayglow camouflage nylon scrap of a strap
  • tailgate handle ripped out
  • e-brake not working
  • rust, like metal falling off rust, on bottom of each door, plus bubbling all around the same level on all panels... it'd been wet... really wet...
  • rust all over the engine compartment
  • back seat was actually damp
  • codes had been reset in the last 250 miles
  • something grabbing in the front end... at low speeds you can feel it, like an old Willys Overland in 4Low on pavement, and it meant starting from a stop was like pushing against a wall, so the rear wheels always spun starting on gravel
A big oof, and I'm embarrassed I asked for prelim advice on it!
So, back to the classifieds!
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