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Need advice on replacing brakes

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I really have no idea on brakes...-_-;; So far i been searching on the forums but really haven't found what i should do with my brakes. Btw I'm changing out the front brakes and rotors. first off i was wondering if v6 and i4 have same rotors and brake pads on the front. I was looking on ebay and found some rotors not sure if they're good so tell me, or tell me a good brand to go with...

as far as calipers and brake pads and if there's anything else i'm missing...I need advice on wut brands to get and etc...sorry guys i know I am an idiot hehe :D thanxs
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Rotors for a V6 are bigger then the ones for a I4.

The rotors (Brembo) in the 2nd link you posted are good. Brembo makes good stuff. :thumbup:

Might want to checkout this thread:
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