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need amp advice

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okay, so for now, i am planning on powering just one Alpine SWR-1241D. The sub is 1000W Max. 300 RMS. 4 ohm + 4 ohm.

i can get Power Acoustik 2 channel amps for cheap, because i know a guy who works for them.

so... which of these would you reccomend.... and which would produce the most power that sub can handle...

...thanks in advance for your help.
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ok.... what gauage wiring?
I'd go 4 gauge..... check out Crutchfield's wire size guide
i'd get a mono amp for that sub.
If you can afford it and have the space, go for the 0V2-820 and keep the gains down.
i would prefer a mono, but i can get good deals on two channels. i dont know what "keep the gains down means". and also, just wondering, if i wanted another of the same sub,... which amp would you reccomend?
Well, you have a dual 4 sub, so that means you have to wire it at 8 or 2 ohms, and since these amps are not 2 ohm stable bridged you will have to run it at 8, which means you have to get the OVR2-1200 even the OVR2-1600, due to the fact that the 1200 RMS rating is only 600 watts at 4ohms, meaning you will only get half of that, the 1600 is 800 rms at 4ohms, so the sub will only see 400 watts rms.
wow, thanks for the info. i think i'm just gunna stick with one sub for now. so, eddiem67, you think the 0v2-520 is good, like onephatcracka said??
no, unless you have a dual 2 ohm sub, but you said you have a dual 4, if you buy another one then you can run each sub in series then wire them in parallel and you get your 4 ohm load for the the OV2-520.
but with two subs, id need a better amp, probably:confused:
Not in your case, you will get more out of your amp if you run two subs with a impedance of 4ohms vs 1 sub at 8ohms. You have more cone area.
sweet. so you think i should just get the OV2-520 and another swr-1241d
I would up the anty to an 820, you will eventually do it anyway, save the time and get it now.
just so i can better understand the chart....

if i run the two SWR-1241D's into the OV2-820....

i would be getting 230 RMS per sub (though they can handle 300). and 820W max per sub (tho they can handle 1000W). Is that correct? :confused:
230 RMS and 410 max per sub, I doubt if it you will ever get anything over 230 with this amp. You can get this amp for 125.00 and get the 1200 for like 160.00
o, so the 820 wont even push those subs to the max... :( will the 520 push one to he max, or th ohms is wrong to do that?
okay, im probably gunna stick with the one alpine for now. so, will the 520 push that sub to the max (or almost)?
no it will only push 230 as well, do you already have the sub?
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