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Need Australian wiring diagram for stereo

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I recently bought a new head unit for my car, I've pulled the old one out but none of the wires are marked and I've had a look in my manual but had no luck finding a wiring diagram. Would I be able to find one in a service manual? I've found some online but they are US diagrams which seem to differ.

If anyone can help me out in any way please do!

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if it's different from the NA spec toyotas, then you're better off just figuring out the wires for yourself

use a multimeter to find the constant, turn your key to on and use your multimeter to find the power, and then use a battery to find out which wires are for which speakers...when you put the negative and positive to a battery's negative and positive, it will make sound so you can tell which speaker it's coming from

then the rest of the wires, basically bunch together for the antenna- or at least that's what is needed to make the gen3 power antennas go up
Thanks alot, I'll give that a try
There's also one for illumination which will have power when the lights are on

To test polarity of the speaker wires, get a 1.5 V battery, When the positive pole is connected to the positive lead on the speaker, and the negative pole connected to the negative lead, the cone should move outwards.
How many threads you gunna start asking about a wiring diagram?

This is your 4th thread on the same topic. :rolleyes: :slap:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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