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Need Door glass for 82 SR-5 Hatchback

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Hey there,

A burglar smashed my passenger door glass on my 1982 Corolla SR-5 Hatchback and I can't find the glass or the same model car in a junk yard anywhere so far. Do any of you know a national parts locater or know a way to locate this window or find the same model in a junk yard somewhere? I didn't know my cute old beater was so rare but I'd love to keep her. It would be sad to lose her because I can't find the window glass.

There seems to be some confusion with junk yard folk about what this model is called too. What is the trade designation? SR-5 Hatchback? Liftback?

Thanks all for your help!

[email protected]

I'm in Portland, Oregon
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Welcome to Toyotanation!

Yeah, SR-5 Parts are real hard to find. I have been searching for a tail light for a few months now...

Hey!, Good Luck with it! :thumbup:
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