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need engine for my 4runner

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My head-gasket is done on my 1990 4runner (3.0 v6 5speed sr5 4x4).

It going to cost me around 1500-2000 to do a whole top-end job, but my motor has 310,000kms+

Does anybody have a low KM engine for me?? PLEASE????

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Look around, you should be able to get a completely rebuilt long block for around 1700 USD. Or get a low miles one from a wrecker. If you're not putting the engine in yourself, you will still be out a fair amount more for the labor. Or blow a huge amount of money and time by putting a 3.4 in there like I did.
so, does the 3.4 bolt up to my original trans and transfer case?? or will I need the corresponding items that fit the 3.4?
I just went through the same thing and I would recommend that you go out and pick up a buy and sell if you can or whatever classifieds you have around your area and just look in there. That is how I had my success. HOpe it helps man and good luck-Sampson
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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