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Need flanges for a CT26

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Please, does anybody here know where I can order or obtain a CT-26 exhaust inlet and outlet and/or after elbow flanges?

I ordered a set from a supra site sponser for around $35 shipped but it's been a month and a half and all they say is "awaiting the machine shop to send it to us, should be in a few days." Although their customer support is great (responses in about a day), I'm fed up with their business practice (told it it would be a week delay and now it's 1 and 1/2 month delay). Sorry just venting.

Planning a 145,000 mile 3vz, 5speed, with ct26, cheapy 30x8x3 intercooler, and safc. Hopefully stock fuel injectors (200cc)/pump can handle 7# at the turbo (less at the intake manifold due to inefficient intercooler/piping). Looking to upgrade the injectors and pump later, once I get all the kinks fixed/funds become avaliable.

Everything else is stock except for the eibach pro kit and tokico struts.

Thanks for reading,
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I called the intercooler cheapy because it cost me 1/4 what a Griffen or Spearco would cost me. The intercooler is tested to 30psi and has been tested with cars that have put down 325whp - MUCH MORE THAT I PLAN. 30"x8"x3" - it's pretty big and I have to shave down a lot of my bumper and remove the fog lights just to get it to fit.

The 3VZ stock injectors are estimated to give about 40 horsepower each ( times 6), yeilding 240 - at an assumed 100% duty cycle. Now the 7M-GTE made ~230 horsepower at 7psi. I'm positive that I'm not going to be making that to the crank because the piping will not be as efficient as it was in the 7M = <230 hp. So with my SAFC, I should be able to richen up the mixture and not have to worry too much. I worry more about my axles and tranny.

I'd spend more money on the setup IF I wanted to make it show or make it handle more than 10psi of boost...I've done a lot of research and talked to a few MKIII Supra gurus and they say it should be fine with my goals - running 3vz with stock ct26 and spending less than $1200 on the whole project. I'm at around $900 + dyno tune.

I just need the dang flanges so I can start fitiment of the pipes...
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btw I suggest upgrading the injects to 300+ just fyi for better managment from the afc. Thats not a huge $$$$$ mod but will save from disapointment later on.....good luck on the project may I suggest talking to Ben at for help on your project!

Also if they are new toyota axils and u have kept care of your tranny i wouldnt worry I have been draging my camry for uhhh 4 years and never once broke a CV axil.......but if u do want to upgrade go with a 99 solara man. tranny because that sucker rocks, not to mention with a LSD! SOLID!!!!
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^ Your out of line and off topic. :slap:

Take it to PM, email, or IM.

Thanks, I'll give shiftgateperformance an email.

I really like your Transmission setup. That LSD must really help in the twisties. All I get is this gay 1 wheel power mode when I power through a turn - calls to much unwanted attention and slows me down too since the revs shoot straight up.

When you drag, do you get wheel hop? Mine does it like crazy off the line.

OH yeah the 100% drib on the LSD floors u around the bends, and no I no longer have any wheel hop straight grab or full burn out dependshow well i launch. Good luck with your project and thanks about the tranny setup, I really think the 99 solara is a large upgrade from 92 e153 tranny.
I def. think if u talk to Ben even though there are plenty other knowledgable people here, you'll get put right on the right track!

PS:azianryder-> Thats the stupid bullshit im talking about.....
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^ Both of you need to stop talking shit. :slap: Take it to PM, email, or IM.

Remember personal attacks is grounds for being banned.

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Your both out of line. If theres anymore shit talking from either of you, I won't think twice about locking this thread and reporting you to the admins.

You've been warned.
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