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Need front mud flaps

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Hi All,

I'm putting the Taco up for sale. :( We bought a Sienna and the Taco will be used to pay it off. I need a left front mud flap. Is there an aftermarket solution available yet? Anyone got one that they can part with? I'll buy both fronts if you wanna go that route.

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When mine broke off I took it to the dealer and made them put another one on under the warrenty
somebody posted up a request for front flaps not too long ago. he got a few response with people that had spares. i've got an extra set that i can sell you if need be. but i wasn't looking to sell them. if you can't find anyone else, i'll hook you up. of course you could prolly remove the front flaps and most people wouldn't notice when you try to sell it.

or try the dealership option mentioned by muddskipper, the worst they can do is tell you no
i've got some mudflaps off my 05. the rears are 4x4. i'll sell them if you need them
If there is no sign of damage or abuse you can get them replaced through warrenty. But if they were torn off from offroading then they won't be covered.
If you are selling the truck would not having the flaps be a deal breaker???
The paint might be eaten away where the mudflap was touching the flare. Mine are like that, it almost made me put them back on.
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