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Need front sway bar bushings 1998 camry.....

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Hey TYN! Clunking noise coming from front of my 1998 camry when things get bumpy. Been a problem for a while and I think its about time they get swapped . I was just wondering what size i need for the front sway bar? I have a new whiteline rear bar that came with a pair of new bushings so might as well freshen up the front as wel! Thanks in advance!
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I just measured today, as I couldn't find a good answer.

My 99 Camry LE, 4cyl, front bar is 17mm, rear is 16mm. These are stock, measured with caliper.

It'd be great if someone with V6 could post definite measurements. I know some say they're the same, but some also say that front bar is 19mm, and rears vary, so please post only confirmed figures.
Good way to do it is to check rock auto for vehicle/engine specific parts and part #'s .....then you know exactly what you need for whatever application, and then can buy from where you want with confidence.
That's true, but it's not so easy if you try to buy poly bushings, which is what I'm trying to do. :)

Also, I was thinking, if there are thicker bars, it would be a relatively inexpensive mini-upgrade if you can snatch one for a few bucks at a breaker's yard, rather than buy $150+ whiteline bars.

Can anyone with a V6 Gen4/3 camry measure if their front bar is 19mm by any chance? I would totally jump on one instead of my 17mm stock one. Thanks!
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