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Need help! 1991 Previa

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Hi! We just bought a 1991 Previa. It has some minor problems that need to be fixed that weren't obvious when we purchased the van. We have an estimate to repair the SAD joint (hope that's the right term) but now facing another problem. The windows will not defog even after 20 minutes of driving the car and the carpet feels damp. Any ideas? For some unknown reason, I really like this van and have read great reviews from previa owners on this forum. Did we get the only lemon? The car has 138K and looks new inside and out.
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Welcome aboard.

Check the recirc. button.
Try running the A/C with the fan switched to defog.
Do you have heat?
Does the fan work at all speeds?
Do you see any mist coming out of the vents when the defogger is on?

BTW, Toyota made very few lemons. I'm on my second Previa, I put 185K on my 91 before I sold it to by a 95 Previa.
Thanks for your reply.
The fan works on all speeds and the heater is working just fine. I don't see any mist coming out of the vents. I tried running the A/C with defrost together but it didn't seem to make a difference. I believe we have a leak somewhere. The carpet is slightly damp so would that cause the windows to continuously fog up? We have checked for any obvious leaks but haven't found any so wondered if the moisture is coming from underneath the car. The windows are actually wet inside and not just fogged.

I love the Previa. It has alot of power for a 4 cyl. and is fun to drive. But it looks like we will be paying for several expensive repairs on top of the used purchase price.
Does the moisture feel slick or have an anti-freeze oder to it? I had a Camry that fogged windows and it turned out to be a plugged heater core.
Is the stereo factory or after market? Some installers drill holes and don't seal them properly, which could be a source for moisture.
Please keep us updated on what you learn.
The stereo isn't working but I believe it is factory installed. The moisture on the windows feels more like it's rained inside the car and doesn't feel like it's mixed with anything else. I have an appt. with Toyota next Tuesday. Keeping fingers crossed that it's not a major problem. Between this, the SAD shaft replacement and the repair/replace of the stereo, the money is adding up. Hopefully, these repairs will fix the van so we can start enjoying it.
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