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Need HeLP and Answers!!

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hey dudes i think a problem has occur in my car :confused: when i go into boost theres a little hesitation the cars jerks a few times and then drives fine and its kinda damn annoyingg too this is the first time it ever happened to me and i dont cant take this shit no more so can u please tell me what u guys think it is ?
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ignition...when have you last changed cap/rotor/wires...
I`ve never change them i dont drive the car lastnight was the first time i drove the car in weeks ! should i change the spark plug while am at it also ?
do a tuneup on the car and you'll find that it will drive so much better...our cars love to eat ignition components..i tend to change them every year...
what type of plugs should i use in the car ?
ngk bre7s..i think that is the ones everyone prefers....

that search button is your friend..don't be afraid to use
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