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hi guys. im having a bit of a problem. had several problems going on in my previa. we had bad gas put in the tank and had problems with the van rinning so we changed plugs and wires, made a mistake of not making note of its orientation, after researching i was able to put the wires in right(to the best of my knowledge) still wont run, just turning so decided to have the injectors cleaned, when i took that out,when i got back from the shop, all the cylinders got flooded with gasoline. we got that out.

now the engine seems to start to run but i noticed a bit of gas coming out from the throttle body. ( i took the hose off to get a bit of starting fluid in it) it ran very rough for 2 seconds then BOOM! flames spit out of the throttle body.

so here i am, not knowing what to do next and not knowing what caused the backfire. is it because i still have the wires in the wrong orientation? or there is still an amount of gas left in the throttle body.

any help will be appreciated. maybe a picture of the plug wire orientation in relation to the dist.

sorry to sound demanding. :) been working on my dads daily driver for weeks now. and im on my wits end. :)

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