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need help bad

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ok i have an 89 pickup v6 3.0l 5spd 4x4. ow it cranks perfect. i just changed the timing belt and everything is in time, but it wont start. im getting fuel but no spark. any suggestion? aslo was wondering what the cmh relay was.
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try the igniter... replace it with a known good one
what and where is the ignitor
it's a little computer. It's next to your coil on the driver's side fender. It's gray and about 2" by 1".. it says igniter on it.
your truck has one. It needs one to run
it's above the LF tire.. more-toward-the-grille than the brake master.. follow the wire that comes from the center of your distributor and you will find it coil/HPIM0457.jpg

thats a link to a picture of what i have goin on. let me know if im missing the ignitor. if you need a better pic let me know
ok what if there isnt one
That would be your problem. You will need to go buy one. These get stolen out of our trucks all the time...
where can i get em and how much should they run
throwing parts at it might eventually fix it.....

But proper diagnosis would probably cost a lot less. And will likely be qicker too.

I've been working on toyotas for over twenty years and I have only ever seen 2 bad ignitors on trucks. One had a shorted coil that took it out, and the other was jump started backwards.

First, check for trouble codes.

Then check to see if you have battery voltage at the coil with the key turned on. If you don't trace the fault to find out why. If you do check to see if a test light pulses during cranking if it is connected to the coil negative terminal. if it does, you may have a bad coil, if not you should have found a code earlier.
im sure you can get them at the local scrapyard for cheap
ok but what if i dont have an ignitor at all
vicoor, I'm not familiar with the coil he has on his pickup?

89_yota_v6.. jump the te1 and e1 holes in your diagnosis connector and count the flashes of your check engine light (key on). Anything?
ok i will but im new to the whole yota thing. wat wholes are those and do i just turn the key on or do i have to turn on off on off on.
ok i got it i got code 14 and 51
code 14 is your big clue, It indicates there is no IGF signal from the igniter. IGF is the ignition confirmation signal. It tells the ECM if the spark happened. If the ECM does not get this signal for 6 consecutive revolutions it shuts down the injectors to prevent flooding the engine real bad.

Unfortunately I do not have the specific diagnostic information availale to me at home. If I can remember I will check tomorrow at work.

You may have a bad igniter, but if it ran before you worked on it I would say it is more likely to be something else.

Go back and make sure you did not leave anything disconnected.
after reading up a lil bit and lookin i dont even have an ignitor. never was there when i got it. i got it not running. i put the timing belt on and got it back together. when i went to turn it ove it wouldnt start so i thought no fuel and sprayed starter fluid in it and nothin so it ment no spark. thats when i posted this thread and found out about the ignitor. and its not there my buddie is givin sellin me one for real cheap so i will let you know what happens.
if it still has no spark any suggestions?
if there's still no spark, then you'll probably need to check the rest of your ignition system. Spark plugs, ignition leads, cap, rotor, distributor.
my friend lost his or something i don know. but im ordering one tonight and going to have it over nighted so i will keep you posted
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