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Need help diagnosing front end issue

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I had an issue with my front suspension a few months back, it would seem unstable and shaky when banking right on the interstate and the suspension was bouncy (just on the drivers side).. So about 2 months ago I looked and the sway link had a torn boot.. So I replaced the sway link on the front driver's side, this helped for a while but now the suspension on the driver's side is REALLY bouncy and I have a notable knocking sound coming from the suspension while going over bumps at low speeds. Also when on the interstate there is a vibration when banking left or right but is fine when driving straight.. the tires are brand new so I don't think they are the issue (for the vibration)

Any ideas? I'm thinking it may be the upper strut mounts spherical bushing but is there a way to check that to rule it as the problem. Visually nothing seems bad, no torn boots or anything.. I just hate to take it to a shop if it's an easy-ish fix.. I can do most any job that doesn't require a shop press.. I'm just not used to diagnosing suspension issues.. :help:
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You said after you replaced the driver's side bushing, there was temporary fix, then the driver's side continued to bounce? If the worn bushing temporarily fixed the problem, then I would recheck that part. Also, you may have a worn strut, look for leaks or residue where strut shaft enters the strut housing. Check the nut that bolts the top of strut to frame, inside engine compartment. Check the tie rods - if you jack one side of vehicle, at a time, and check for play by wiggling the lifted wheel side-to-side.

Check the upper strut insulator and spring pads.

The vibration sounds like a wheel bearing. They seem to 'growl' louder when the vehicle is in a turn.
bouncy and knocking noise = dead or dying strut. Some die without leaking, but many have oil all over the strut shaft (chromed part) and/or streaking down the strut.

The vibration when turning left or right may be a second issue related to wheel bearing or CV axle.
Did you get new tires because they were worn, or were they wearing unevenly? If you replaced them because they were wearing unevenly, then this could indicate a bad strut.

I would conduct a 'bounce' test; with the vehicle parked, push down on the fender and release, to see how many times it bounces. If it bounces more than once, your strut probably needs replacing.
I replaced the tires because they were just low on tread, they didn't have any unusual wear or feathering on the edges.

I shouldn't say that the suspension is "bouncy" it is just loud over the bumps like something is lose and knocking around. I suspect it's not the strut because the ride is absolutely fine and the shocks rebound properly. It sounds like a bushing has fallen out and something is knocking around metal to metal.

As for the new strut link being bad, I have checked it (it was actually the first thing I checked) and there is no play in it at all when loaded.. I'll have check and see if there is any play when unloaded since the noise happens just after going over bumps when the strut extends..
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