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Hey folks! I have a knocking sound coming from the front-right when going over bumps. Further investigation shows that the rack itself has excessive play and is moving around a bit within the housing. I jacked the car up and took off the tire, here's a short video of the movement that is creating the knocking sound:

I'm not familiar with the internals of a rack and pinion, so I'm not sure what would have broken or worn out to make this happen. I do know that there is some kind of washer a few inches into the housing that appears wided/worn, which seems to be allowing the rack shaft to move like it is.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure if that washer is actually supposed to be supporting the rack there and can be replaced to fix the problem, or if there is a larger internal issue and that is just a symptom...

Potentially pertinent information:
1. The issue is only occurring on the right side (no play on the left side as far as I can tell)
2. The rubber boot on the right side has been off for awhile now (left boot is still holding on)
3. No normal symptoms for a bad rack and pinion other than the noise over bumps (steers normal, no fluid, no burning smell, etc.)
4. I had tires replaced at Firestone/Conrads and both mechanics told me that the whole rack and pinion needs replaced (obviously hoping to avoid)


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