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Hello, I posted a speedometer question a few months back and learned quite a bit about how the speedometer/odometer works on my 1991 Pickup. Last time it all stopped working, I simply disconnected the cable at the transmission end, pulled out the gear, immediately put the same one back in place and reconnected cable. It worked for another 3 months. Now its not working again. I followed the same steps again, but this time it's not helping.

I can disconnect the cable at the trans end and spin it by hand and the speed needle jumps, no problem there. I pull out the speedometer driven gear and examine it to find no signs of wear, no missing teeth. I felt up inside the transmission and felt the teeth inside, which felt completely in tact. The only thing that seems out of the ordinary is that when the whole assembly is secured in place, I can wiggle the cable & gear and the gear housing? has some play in it. The only thing that makes sense to me, is that the gear is slightly out of place and not making contact with the trans gear that is supposed to be driving the speedo gear.

Your thoughts/suggestions are most appreciated.
Thank you.

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You need to know if the cable gear is actually engaging the diff teeth and rotating. Is it possible to remove the other end of the cable at the speedometer and check this?

The cable and gear could be shifting up or down once installed, the result is it is not engaging the other gear.
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