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NEED HELP! Google wont help me!

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Okay guys..I have read all over this site, found lots of help, but theres still one thing Im uncertian of.
Im doing a timing belt replacement on my 92 celica GT-S - 5S-FE Engine.

Ive replaced the timing belt, Tension spring, and waterpump. Im at the part where Im putting the new belt on, however, it seems there is too much slack in the belt even after I release the idle pulley to tighten the belt up...I dont have pictures, so I hope you all know what to picture lol.

The engine runs clockwise, so after I put the belt on, and I go to rotate the crank 2 times by hand to verify everythings in time still, I get this problem:

As soon as I start to turn the crank pulley, I notice it turns about half an inch before it starts to turn the cam pulley..all the slack on the left side of the belt assembly is effectively removed by the tension spring/pulley, but the right side still has enough slack in it that the crank can turn about half an inch before it starts to get tight enough that the belt turns the cam pulley..I just cant seem to get the slack out so that AS SOON as I turn the crank, the cam turns in sync, and I may have just removed and replaced that belt like 20 times..for no that .5 inch enough to throw it all out of time? Is there like a specific order to put the belt over the pulleys? I dont want to put all this back together and it not run :(
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Thanks for all the help guys! Great forum.
Hey, thanks for waiting so long on a Sunday. Buy the f*cking repair manual or join a REAL Celica forum if you need this answered so badly, or god forbid pay money to get an answer in the form of someone fixing it for you.

did you make sure you have the correct belt number? is it installed just like the old one?
make sure its the right part number and run correctly

and yeah on a really active forum you'll be lucky to get an answer that quick, let alone late night on a sunday.
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