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need help got a question on springs

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I'm deciding wether to buy these trd springs or not...I'm not sure if these are for a camry 99...

here's the part #:
0060248130SR - Spring Rear
0060248130CF - Spring Front

and a pic of them in the box

So you guys think they'll fit my camy?
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ur best bet would be to call a local dealer and read the part numbers off to them and they might be able help you out...but as far as i know, if they're for a camry, they're prolly for a gen4-4.5...that's really all i was able to find for TRD camry springs. but don't take my word for it, call a dealer, or save the money and get the eibach springs( here's a little tip- eibach makes the TRD springs for TRD and TRD puts their label on them.)
pretty sure those are for the gen 4

97-03 TRD SPRING SET 00602-48130-CAM $279.95 $238.00

I found that at
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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