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Need Help Identifying Power Wire for clock for '03

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I need help identifying which wire is the positive power wire for either the clock of the thermometer for an '03 Camry. I am installing a Pioneer AVIC-N1 and want the video to be able to play at any time. So instead of tapping the power for the hand brake light, I figured I could tap the clock instead since it always has power. If anyone has other suggestions for wires to tap instead, let me know. Thanks in advance.
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The clock always has power? Dosn't it shut off when the car is off?

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Well, yeah it turns off when the car is off. What I meant is that when the car is switched to either acc or on, the clock will always be on. The hand brake light is only on when you have the brake activated. You typically use the hand brake when parked only, which is why Pioneer setup the install this way because you are legally only suppose to have the video playing if the car is not moving.
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