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hiya, i'm interested to get into rally driving with my echo.
i need some help on budgeting...
if you know one of two, feel free to drop in a line.
please includes $ if you can and brand name please.

1. complete roll cage (is cusco the cheapest?)
2. under member brace front and rear (which one is the cheapest?)
3. tower bar (which one is the cheapest?)
4. lsd (is cusco the cheapest?)
5. rear brakes conversion (how much it cost to do a rear brake disc conversion? off from which model?)
6. slotted disc and RACE pads (i need the name and price)
7. race brake fluid

i'm very new to toyota... so please give me a hand if you drop by.
appreciated any inputs.

i'm just doing the "basic+safety"aspect modification, i'm not into any performance modification to make my car goes faster since my budget is tight.

is there anything i missed?
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