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Need Help Quickly on 1996 Avalon !

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Hi everyone, im Fullcurrent and this is my first posting here. We have a 1996 Toyota Avalon with 266,000 miles but still runs strong and taken care of very well. However, yesterday my wife drove and parked the car on our driveway and nothing was wrong prior. she also went to roll down the window a little bit because it was hot today on the east coast. I went to take something from the car and discovered there is no power anywhere in the car. no power to the door nor dash and when i put the key to the ignition, nothing happened because there is no light anywhere in the car. I have no idea what could have happened. the battery was checked and it was intact. Could that be a fuse problem, i need your urgent help.Thanks.
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Hello, and welcome to Toyota Nation!

I'd start with the battery cables as it's often the simplest problems that go undiagnosed. I've seen this before where a vehicle is electrically dead even though the battery is known to be good. Take both cables off, clean them and the battery posts with a wire brush, then reattach them and see if you have power. If not, continue from there.
it would seem that the ground wire to the car's body has lost contact. find it (it goes directly to the negative {black} battery terminal) use a socket on the bolt that holds it to the chassis, tightening and loosening, and your problem should disappear...

notice the word "should"
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