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Hello i i'm new here on Toyota nation, today i'm installing a tarantula ARS.1 alarm system/remote start. Did all the prep to the wires and alarm device, also went ahead and located all my wires that i will be using and tested and made sure which wires are which. But now i i'm stuck on hooking the horn and hood button up because i can not locate the boot where the wires lead to the engine bay. However there is one located towards the middle of the firewall under the dash but I didn't want to lead any wire through until i knew for sure that this is the right one or if i needed to drill a separate hole. If you need pictures i can provide them.

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I'm going from memory and someone can confirm this, but I believe this will work for you as when I did my tachometer install on my other car I went in here. I think there may also be one behind the driver's side fender going into that side of the dash that can be accessed by removing the fender liner. Sorry I can't recall the exact details; the first job was a long time ago and I've never had to splice anything sense then, only retaining a vague knowledge of where these are.

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Welcome to Toyota Nation!

There's a factory grommet on the left (driver's) side of the firewall towards the middle of the car. You can reach it from under the dash. You're unlikely to get anything through the center, but what I did was poke a hole in the rubber and run wires through there. You don't want to run too many wires through, but a few will be just fine.

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What they said above.
I am not a fan of just poking more wires through an existing harness or grommet.
But if you decide to run a dedicated setup for the alarm wires...
One thing you could do but make sure to investigate and plan the wire routing -

If you raise the driver side of the car, put on jack stand, remove the wheel, then remove the plastic cover around the wheel well, you will see where the hood cable is located. Maybe drill a hole close to it to run the wires. Also see if there is any room to sneak the wires from the wheel well to the engine bay and if not - another hole may need to be drilled.
Trust me, this will make more sense once you have the wheel well cover off.

Just be careful of a few things -
Do NOT accidentally drill into anything like other wires etc. Carefully inspect the other side where the drill bit will come out of.
Use some kind of extra wire covering to double insulate, there is a good chance the wires will come into moisture. If using that car wire plastic conduit, maybe electrical tape the length of it at least inside the wheel well (AFTER the wires are ran and have plenty of slack)
Use rubber grommets where you drilled the new holes and are running wire. Do not give into the temptation to skip this step.
Make sure the fuse for the alarm system is close to the battery under the hood in case a short DOES occur between your new wire and the fire wall.

You could probably drill a hole somewhere else close to the pedals to route the wires but running then behind the plastic cover of the wheel well insures they are out of the way instead of close to things like the exhaust or steering rack etc...

NOW you just need to be a contortionist to mess with everything under the dash. Or you can remove the driver seat...
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