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need help with broken timing belt 01 solara

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The timing belt broke on my wifes 01 solara 2.2L Auto (5S-FE Engine) and I have been following the write up by Trioxide1

on how to change the timing belt and I have replaced the oil pump oring and seal, water pump crankshaft seal and camshaft seal. I still need to install the tensioner, idler pulley and the belt. but before I do all of that how do I determine if the engine is at #1TDC compression vs exhaust and how do I set the camshaft to be in time to the crankshaft. I know about the timing marks but am unsure how to determine tdc and how to ensure the camshaft is set correctly.

If anyone knows of a write or is willing to walk me thru it I would greatly appreciate it.


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Timing belt jobs are kind of scary for some, but if you have the right tools (I stress this), it will make your job so much easier . tbh, even if you do get all good parts (Aisin parts), all the seals, tools and some food/beer, you should still end up with extra money for the other stuff such as valve cover gaskets, fresh (correct) coolant, and misc hoses if you replace them for about the same as charging the shop to do it.

Since your doing the job, I'd recommend all the seals along with the oil pump seal and the O-ring for the oil pump. They sometimes develop a nasty oil leak for the 5SFE.

Funny thing but the DIY for the 5S pop up recently. It should be very similar to your application.
Thats only a problem if you have a distributor.

You can confirm TDC using a screwdriver or rod in the #1 spark plughole. DO it carefully since the screwdriver can get cocked in the hole. I typically do this to make sure the marks on the harmonic balancer are correct.

Just make sure the screw driver is long enough and won't fall into the hole :)

But yes, I did this trick when my Cressida belt gave out. I used a long screw driver and made sure when I was at the TDC that it was really the Cylinder 1 at TDC.

Thats only a problem if you have a distributor.

I did not know that thanks for the information. This is the first non-interference motor I have ever owned.

Thanks again everyone for your help.
Don't you love non-interference motor? It's very forgiving for the most part when comes down to timing belts.
Don't you love non-interference motor?
i love NI too but my 06 I4 has a chain. i love that even more. i can see and tell when the water pump is going and not just replace it cause i'm doing the tb...cause there ain't none.
That is true. Water pumps are more easy on the 4 cylinder for the for the 6 maybe....not.
TDC is determined by the camshaft. TDC is TDC on the crankshaft.

Once you get the #1 piston up to TDC, you are good to go ahead and set the cam timing.
You got another user account?
I ended up using a little grease to hold it in place and got everything back together last night with no leaks.
Needless to say the wife is happy to have her car back
Nice job!
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