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need help with broken timing belt 01 solara

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The timing belt broke on my wifes 01 solara 2.2L Auto (5S-FE Engine) and I have been following the write up by Trioxide1

on how to change the timing belt and I have replaced the oil pump oring and seal, water pump crankshaft seal and camshaft seal. I still need to install the tensioner, idler pulley and the belt. but before I do all of that how do I determine if the engine is at #1TDC compression vs exhaust and how do I set the camshaft to be in time to the crankshaft. I know about the timing marks but am unsure how to determine tdc and how to ensure the camshaft is set correctly.

If anyone knows of a write or is willing to walk me thru it I would greatly appreciate it.


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The engine does not care. When the top cam is in the correct position with the timing mark the valves are correct and when the engine cam is at TDC combined with the valve cam all is correct. I've broke a few belts in my day and never had a problem. As a small tip, you can loosely install the lower cover and crank pulley, set engine at TDC, remove cover and pulley and make some additional reference marks on the block. That makes it easier to determine if anything has moved without putting it back together. Additional reference marks on the valve cam also make life a little easier but always do your final check with a mirror using the engine marks. There are also some threads addressing belt installation you might find interesting. It involves instaling the belt one tooth off and setting the tensioner so everything lines up when the tensioner is released.
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You can turn it back a little bit. With the plugs out there should not be any compression in the cylinders. When it gets hard to turn, back off a minute and slowly inch it forward. If it pops past the mark just turn it the opposite direction. A little backward movement won't hurt but I would not do revolutions backward.
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