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need help with broken timing belt 01 solara

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The timing belt broke on my wifes 01 solara 2.2L Auto (5S-FE Engine) and I have been following the write up by Trioxide1

on how to change the timing belt and I have replaced the oil pump oring and seal, water pump crankshaft seal and camshaft seal. I still need to install the tensioner, idler pulley and the belt. but before I do all of that how do I determine if the engine is at #1TDC compression vs exhaust and how do I set the camshaft to be in time to the crankshaft. I know about the timing marks but am unsure how to determine tdc and how to ensure the camshaft is set correctly.

If anyone knows of a write or is willing to walk me thru it I would greatly appreciate it.


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Thanks for the reply...I was worried about getting things off by 180 degrees.
according to Toyota my 01 is a non-interference motor otherwise I would not even attempt this repair.

Normally I do not mess with timing belts but we were quoted $600 for labor with us providing the parts I decided to try it myself.

I am hoping that with the write ups that I have read and printed and the advice here I can finish this repair and get the wifes car back on the road.
I am replacing all of the seals and o-rings and the water pump. I had to stop yesterday and go to tractor supply to get a couple washers and nut to use to push the camshaft seal back in.

I am reading the post you mentioned now...unfortunately the firewall here at work will not let the pics show for some reason.
Thats only a problem if you have a distributor.

I did not know that thanks for the information. This is the first non-interference motor I have ever owned.

Thanks again everyone for your help.
I am now having trouble getting the timing marks to align at 0. When i get to about 5 before tdc it gets hard to turn the crank and when it does turn it zips right past 0. I have removed the spark plugs but that does not seem to help. Any suggestions?

I added about a tablespoon ok oil to each cylinder and it made a huge difference
Ok this is where I am at now
After many after attempts I managed to get the timing belt on and lined up afte I rotated it twice. rotated 2 more time and it lined up again decided to go for 3 times is the charm rotated two more times and everything lined up again...happy dance.
reinstalled everything replaced the spark plugs

and it still wont start.

did a compression test on cylinders 1 & 3 and have 170psi on each then got rained out.

still have and oil leak, more than likely it is the oil pump oring that I had trouble getting to stay in place even with the grease method. I will repelace that if I can get it to start.

I will check for spark and the compression on cylinders 2 & 4 tomorrow evening after work weather permitting.

if any body has a suggestion what to check next please let me know


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Yes the crankshaft sensor was reinstalled and connected

I did align the camshaft with the V notch.

This is why I do not normallt do timing belts. Lol

I will dbl check that the sensor is plugged in tomorrow after work
Ok. I did a compression test and all cylinders are between 160 & 170 psi

When this started I had spark but I do not have spark now
I have checked the fuses that according to owners manual would have anything to do with generating spark and they are all good

What else do I need to check?
I am such a freakin idiot. The crank sensor had come unplugged and as soon as i plugged it in it started right up
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I do have a serious oil leak and as much trouble as I had getting the oil pump o-ring to stay in place I am going to bet that it slipped when I was putting the oil pump back on so it all comes apart again tonight.
I will try putting grease in the slot for it
I ended up using a little grease to hold it in place and got everything back together last night with no leaks.
Needless to say the wife is happy to have her car back
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