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I was driving home from work today and I noticed my CEL light came on halfway there. The car drives normal and perfectly fine besides the CEL. I took it to autozone to get checked and it read code PO441.

The guy told me it has something to do with my emissions. Anyone have a DIY that I can use to solve the problem. I really hope it's not too expensive.

Also, how bad is this code? Is it something that I should be really worried about? It is my daily driver so I don't want to be driving around doing more damage while I wait to get it fixed.

Thanks everyone.

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A common problem may be the vacuum switching valve on the air filter housing. Just follow the hose from the throttle body back to the EVAP steel line (there is a green test port on the rubber hose).

Disconnect the hose on the canister side and run the engine. There should be cycling of loud suction from the VSV if it's working. Otherwise clean (careful with the metal tabs) or replace.
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