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Long story:

Installed new head unit...yes I failed and messed up the cluster, brought it in to car-toys they got everything working except for the back lighting of the speedo, rpms, gas, temp.

So I finally decided to mess around with it again. Today I removed the dash paneling around the cluster, disconnected the dimmer and would you believe it the lights on the cluster work again!

When the dimmer is disconnected and the car is off, the lights work how they should, off when in off position, on when on the On position.

Then when i turn the truck ON..the cluster lights are always "On" even when in the "off position"

Without the dimmer plugged in, non of the lights for the air controls, or around the shifter work, when plugged in they work correctly..and dim correctly

During this I unplugged my stereo as well to make sure it wasn't causing the issue....its not? i just need a new dimmer (reostat whatever)? i hate the stealer-ships..but i feel retarded...


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If you are concerned about the dash being illuminated when the truck is "on", don't be. The cluster lights are supposed to illuminate when the truck is started regardless of switch position.

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