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need help with mobile video

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I'll be recieving my headrest monitor package next week, I can handle the monitor head install but I have no clue how to go about the wiring connections.The package include: 2 monitors,2 wire less headphones, dvd,audio/video wires installation kit and tv tuner.My cars is a 98 camry. Thanks.
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Its pretty simple to install but you must be very careful when doing it. The shrouds that the moniters come with will need to be install nice a snug or you will have problems in the future. Cut the hole/square alittle smaller then the shoud to allow for a tight fit(start small first). The wires can be ran thru the head rest post and down the back of the seat inside of the liner. They have the normal power and ground connections you will have to do. As for the video input, run a Y-spliter to your monitors(if needed). A head rest job is simple to install, just make sure you take your time. You really dont have much room for any mistakes when installing them. Good luck on your project.
You'll see signal loss if you split one RCA signal to 2... But not massive, maybe not even noticable.

Connect any more monitors tho, and you're going to need a video distribution amp- for the video and the sound.

If the signal seems iffy, and the audio seems iffy too, try this as you first step
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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