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Need help with power window problem

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Hi guys, bit of a problem I can't figure out...hopefully someone has seen this.

Both my rear windows on my gen 5 mysteriously stopped operating, at the same time. They are very rarely used and I have a hard time believeing the switches or the motors are the problem. The front two windows work OK.

The rear windows don't operate up or down using either the master switch panel on the driver door or the switches at the rear doors themselves.

I checked all the fuses under the dash, they test OK.

Through a search on the forums, someone identified a faulty fuse causing all the windows as well as the sunroof to stop working. This fuse was the big 30amp kind labelled "PWR 1". Seeing as my other windows work except the rears, I figure I have a different problem.

Has anyone else had this happen or have some recommendations (is there a fuse I don't know about)?

Any insight would help :thumbsup:
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You could pull the door panels off and run the motors manually by connecting the leads to a battery to see if it works (P-N window up, N-P will go the other way) and thus eliminate the motors as an issue.

Might check the connectors to the driver door switch as well as the pass-thru on the driver door hinge area.

If there is a break or fault on the driver door, the rear doors still won't work as it is a whole series system.

**I'm using experience from Ford vehicles on this, I haven't wrenched on a Toyota yet, I'm assuming that they're the same type of system. If not- maybe someone else can provide assistance as well.
Yeah I figure I'll have to eventually have to rip off the door panels... never thought to check the wires at the driver door's hinge pass thru

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