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need help with taking off the panel!!

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im trying to take it off right now, i got the left side, but thew right side wont budge at all. it wont even move. yes i took the 2 screws out that are above. help?:confused:
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If you are talking about the rear panel, make sure you have allllll the nuts off, if they are all off, it should just pull of you may have to use some force.
These 2 parts seem to not want to come off. where i circled in red.
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any help guys?
pull the trim under the radio theres 2 screws behind it.
around where? can u please like circle on a pic or something?
The panel shaped like a U. With the cig lighter.
Pull the panel that has the lighter socket in it, it is only held in by clips and can be difficult to remove, that will expose the radio and more screws
thanks guys i got it. you guys really know your camrys lol. thanks again!:clap:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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