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need help with wheels

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hey guys

i need a little help on trying to find a camry with wheels that are similar to these in 17 inch,6

i already have 18s but have decided to to go to 17s due to tire ballooning on the sidewalls

p.s. i have a 2000 camry

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They are STILL gonna bubble with the 17's. EVEN with 16's that will happen.

I got so sick of bubbling my tires that I put my steelies back on. And guess what? My mom found a way to bubble the right rear tire. EVEN on the stock wheels! Theres really no way around it. And if you live in the city area, you will bubble them on potholes. It sux.

What I have found though is that Yokohama tires resist bubbling much better than any other tire I have used. But Yokohama's tend to be very LOUD.
yeah i heard that Yokohama tires are also the best choice to prevent balloons. I might just go to costco and buy tires from them which includes a warranty for up to 5 years. I love my 18s but ive had a couple friends who run 17s with yokohamas and they don't have bubbles on them. It just depends on how careful you drive but you can't always dodge those damn potholes. But still i might just buy some nice 17s i really like the racing hart c2 look and thats what i'm going for rite now. i just need some picutres to help me decide
Where are you located by the way?

But remember that they are LOUD. Im telling you, when your in the car, It will sound like an Airplane. lol
They hum and make the same sound that a plane makes on take off when the pilot increases the throttle to gain speed to generate enough lift to take off.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
just after i bought new tires for my 18s i scratched it up pretty badly and now i need to find a rim shop and get it realigned because now the steering is all out of center. Do you guys have any recommendations in the bay area because im located in san francisco
Yokohamas, most quiet tire I have ridden on. I've had new Goodyears, new Sumitomos, new Falkens, new Firestones, and the Yokohamas were the most quiet.
ive never bubbled a tire...... lets keep it that way..

i L.o.v.e. my tires
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