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This crazy car of mine, Owned MR2's since they came out and never had one fail to at least start even with many problems. Has I said in my last post, she started playing up 6 month ago. Anyway like an ass I ended up advancing the timing a little because this made it drivable. I did'nt have a timing light back then and thought I'd wait until spring to bring it up to scratch for the inspection. Hasent been a cat on this car for a year. Never shown a check engine light or anything. Anyway in the last couple of weeks she started to over heat a little then became more frequent so I decided to get a timing light and bring the car up to snuff. Put the light on it, timed it to the marks, It wasnt that far out and the car would at least start no matter what position the distribtor was in anyway. Thats when she became a total pain. If she dosent start on the first fire she floods out. Take out the plug and let it sit for 24 and try again. When she start it's a hard start, Keep the started going and it's trying to catch on just like it's flooding or maybe the timings retarded then she will slowly pick up, clears itself and run. Checked the marks and it's at least within reason while running. No missing or hesitation when throttling up. Stop it and if it doesnt start on the first turn she floods out again. Any ideas on this problem would be very appreciated.
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well you said it was overheating...possibly a headgasket. That would cause loss of compression and starting issues. Maybe try a compression test
first things first check your timing -- both cam and ignition...... you can have really hard starts and/or no runability based on either.... it isn't uncommon to jump a tooth on the timing belt.....
If you find the timing belt jumped a tooth, you might wanna get a new tensioner.
If you find the timing belt jumped a tooth, you might wanna get a new tensioner.
maybe.... people forget that a tensioner really only tensions when you replace the belt.... all other times it's bolted in place and doesn't move..... I actually let the tensioner do it's thing then tighten just a bit more....

a jumped tooth could be from an old worn/stretched belt.
Thanks for your ideas guys. When the overheating started getting worse I concluded the head gasket was probably blown because the timing had been off for months and had not totally caused the overheating. I went through the new cap, thermostat, new coolant and a real good bleeding. Even modified the old thermostat for a free flow but nothing helped. Apart from a compression tester that I need to get, there is no water in the oil or oil in the water but that isn't always the case. With the filler cap off and hit the throttle the coolent will blow out somewhat but then on the other hand the filler cap is close to the water pump so this didnt totally convince me. I put a new timing belt on the car several years ago after it broke. I already checked for it jumping a tooth. as far as I can tell, at TDC the cam pulleys are in the 12 & 5 oclock positions. I couldnt find any timing marks on the pulleys. Can't remember how I timed it last time. A gut feeling tells me the head gasket is blown. The #4 plug is only half in because I think it is crossed. Been like that for a few years. Waiting until the head as to come off before I take it out to see. What is the fix for that. Are hellicoils any good? One last clue is that last time it stated the cold start injector was disconected.
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