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ok, so i changed my mind about my previous wants for a system. now i am getting a Fi BTL. for those of you who dont kno about them, look up Steve Mead on youtube.:D
anyways, i am either gettin one 12" or one 15" probly a 15". they are 2000RMS. i can get either dual 2 or 1 ohm voic coils.(ohms is about the only thing i dont get in car audio:lol:) now, which should i go with? dual 1 or 2 ohm? 2 ohm is more reliable right?:confused:
also, if i wer to go with dual 2 ohm...when looking for a amp, i would be looking for a amp with 2000 rms at 2ohm right? or would it be 4ohm at that point? (2ohm + 2ohm?):confused: and for the dual 1ohm i would be looking for 2000rms at 2ohm?

AHH... so confused. plz help me with this. any opinions on amps is GREAT! i dont want to spend 1500$ on a amp. i need kinda a budget amp. but a GOOD amp.

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