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Need Info!!!

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Does anybody know where I can find or order the JDM side door molding? The one that say twin entry... Also Right now I got the Blitz NUR exhaust system (single pipe) I just want to know if the rear bumper add on by Border would fit without hitting my exhaust Would really appreciate it if any body can help thanks.
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The actual side moldings are pretty hard to find. Best bet is to find a shop with a 3rd gen half cut and try to get them... but plan on paying quite a bit.
Hey thanks man! but do you know if you can still order them from toyota? Do they have apart number?
I don't think you can order them from any Toyota dealership here. Maybe you could through Toyota Japan. They were never put on cars in the USDM.

Or... you can get the decals from a member on the main board.

You can kinda see them in this pic of my car...
Hey socal, i was up on ebay and saw the twin cam 16 V mouldings on ebay the other day!! Take a look FAST might still be there!!
Also there are group buys of those on the MR2OC all the time...
^ Just for decals... not for the actual molding.
ishcoleobo , Lachean, TeamTRJ thanks for the info.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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