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Need Parts

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I am looking for a couple of things for my 1993 corolla and was wondering if anyone had any of the things I am looking for. I need to find the front cornering lens assembly for both left and right. I also need both headlight assemblies. Finally, I am looking for a 14" 4x100 steel rim, or a set of 4x100 rims that are preferably 14". If anyone has any of this stuff, please let me know. Thanks for any help
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IMO, used headlights are a very bad idea.:hammer: If you have them you will know why. They get old like your gym shoes. Same thing with side lamps, though not as much. New aftermarket ones are realy not that much anyway. Check ebay
OEM headlights are water tight and won't let rain in like cheap aftermarket headlights will.

It's much easier to repolish and shine up a set of old headlights than it is dealing with a condensation problem.
Here is something cool I find for the archives:thumbsup::

With that said, what is the comparison with aftermarket light output? The polished headlights look better than before, but they are still old plastic. The 7 gen used headlight market primarily consists of 13 to 17 year old headlights of which a large portion have oxidized and become very brittle due to being stored in direct sunlight outside. My point is that plastic does not stand up to sun, wind and rain for very long. BTW, my aftermarkets don't leak (yet), the ironic thing is that my supervisors 2002 Ford Focus lights do.:naughty:

So I guess to redirect the OP, if you have cloudy lights, then yes shine them up to make it cheap and easy. If on the otherhand you were like me and hated the output and appearance even after light polishing, then I would go aftermarket and get some silicone to supplement them.
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