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zero_gravity said:
as some may remember, i had my '90 cressy in for BHG. just got it back yesterday. problem is its hard to tell if it was done right!!

sounds weird i know, but its just the circumstances. firstly, my BHG was very minor. i even saw the old one and damage was not exensive. i was getting it done early because i have the money right now and i wanted to prevent any engine/bearing damage. originally, i would get steam on startup that would clear, minor oil contamination on cap only, gurgling dash and rising coolant reservoir. note that the weather was above freezing and a bit damp most of the time, so this little white cloud that was following me was NOT normal. the exaust also smelled sweet.

now that the job is done, the temperature has dropped significantly. so now just about everyone gets some white exaust. however, mine seems to be more than most but then most cars on the road burn less fuel. this time, the white does not disappear. it smells completely different but i have nothing to compare against what exaust should feel like - i've never noticed. also, i have no idea what the exaust normally looks like from this car in the cold. nothing to check against again. so am i just paranoid? i know the job was done and i think it was done well, i went over and checked up a few times. i even know that 70 ft-lbs was used on new head bolts too.

so what now? don't worry?
Once you have a BHG, coolant residue sticks to the catalitic converters. After driving the car for a few days these deposits should completely burn off. The smoke smells different because the coolant being burnt isn't liquid.

Every car will produce some water vapor out the exhaust when cold, it is easy to tell the difference between vapor and burning coolant. The water vapor is much much thinner and almost transparent. The coolant is thick and heavy like fog.

Give your car a nice trip on the freeway/interstate for 10-20 miles. check coolant level before every cold start for a week.
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