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Need some advice

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I bought an 86 non-turbo Supra for $800 and had an amazing time with it for over 6 months, I treated it a little rougher than I should have, but I always made up for it. I replaced all the belts, brakes, some sensors, fixed the wiring problems it had from the people before not knowing how to install a stereo.

The time came to replace my water pump and my timing belt, I entrusted this to somebody else because I believed they could get it done faster than I could, which they did. There were no more leaks, and it drove like a dream afterwords. However... When the person took my radiator out, they somehow neglected to put more coolant in, and telling me that they did. Trusting the person the thought never crossed my mind that they didn't.

I was driving on the highway when the car just shut off, I tried starting it again to get off the highway, and it came back on just long enough to take the exit. I checked the radiator when i parked and came to find it was bone dry. I waited a while for it to cool down, then put some warm water in, started the car and it all shot out the exhaust. Sorry for the long winded story, but can anyone help? Any advice at all would be appreciated.
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It ... shot out the exhaust?

OR WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes there was a good three foot water spray trail from the end of the exhaust. A head gasket kit is only $50 which is fine, but what other things could have happened so i know what to check for when I take the engine apart?
Holy shit i have yet to ever hear of this happening! Take a video! But wow, headgasket ENTIRELY gone, valves entirely burnt, fuck. Time to swap it :naughty:
Any recommendations on where to buy a decent 7mge non turbo? I can afford up to like $800 including shipping. I'm a poor college student :(
Just as a random after many thou can you plane off of the stock head?
I believe mine was shaven 42 thousandths when my mhg was put in. It was... quite intense. The grooves that were.
Ok, BHG's allow water to leak into the combustion chamber. They don't insert a garden hose into the exhaust pipe. If you've had a critical failure of the cooling system and it's absolutely ruptured into the combustion chamber (never ever heard of happening), combined with it getting out of the car without turning into steam because of all the hot metal it'll make contact with first....

Flat out. I don't know how you'd put water in and it'd just shoot out the exhaust pipe. That's well. You're going to need a young priest and an old priest.

As for the engine, I'm sorry to say I haven't bought one in forever.
I'd be surprised if all you had was just a blown head gasket, the engine dying while driving and coolant problem seems reminiscent of a cracked block (or sleeve in our case) and head gasket. As for a new 7mge for less than $800, close enough I can find is a long block for $600 at
That is probably the best course of action at the moment. Good luck!
After letting it sit for about three weeks i decided to just start it up, It fired right up with no hesitation. I still haven't put any coolant in, but i took it for a drive around the block. I got it up to 2.5k RPM in 2nd and just coasted back down because I didnt want to get it too hot. It drives just like it did before any of this ever happened. No smoke, no noises, nothing... still havent had time to rip it apart, but should i begin to hope...?
Did you make sure it had coolant any it? /praying/
I hadn't put any in when it was sitting there because i figured it would be a moot point and a waste of money, but my last post was kind of misleading after i re-read it. I did put more coolant in before i drove, albeit not much. There was some left after the drive but it is obvious its leaking bad from somewhere.
As long as it wasn't -low- you should be fine. If it's low enough that it's throwing the dash light, you're going to have a problem.
I just bought a new one XD came with aftermarket air cooler, new tires, and came pre-primered. I can just take it slow and rebuild my old one right. Thanks for all the advice!
Doesn't the dash light come on relative to the level in the overflow bottle???
Doesn't the dash light come on relative to the level in the overflow bottle???
If it works it should.
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