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Need some help please, suggestions

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Hey im a college student hopefully ill get work study or sumthing and that money can go into my car, but right now i just fixing it up little by little as the funds come by. My question to you guys is i dont really want a fancy and elaborate system in my car i just want to upgrade from stock thats about it, even though my camry has the "premium" sound system which is actually very impressive i thought being its only stock and a 94. Not a clear pic but here is the pic of the head unit it was the fm/am/cd/tape deck but the cd player stopped work so i had the cd kit in there with a reg cd player

Ok i def want to get a new head unit and put in better speakers in the front, these looked pretty good anyone had any experiences with these:

Infinity Reference 6002si
Rockford Fosgate FRC4206U

comparing the specs they dont seem much different any thoughts on those?

for my head unit im not sure what i really want yet but i def want something that will complement my interior which im changing to basically blue/red scheme maybe

any thoughts hint suggestions tips would be greatly appreciated thanks for your time

(back to writing me paper on the odyssey damn summer classes suck, no break either b4 fall semester :( )
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Hey, i havent heard either sets of the speakers you are listing but i would definately chose infinitys over the RFs bc they have better components generally.

And for the head unit, i say go Apline/Pioneer

But just a thought, why go blue/red color scheme when whole camry dash lights are green. Just a thought.
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