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I have an '06 with the JBL, steering wheel buttons and the Rear overhead Entertainment System. Though it is certainly not audiophile quality, I can live with it except for 2 exceptions. I need bluetooth as I talk on my phone constantly and I also want to be able to stream music from my phone. I also want an auxillary jack for my kids MP3 player. I want the steering wheel buttons to remain functional. I am not sure what the input format is coming from the RES.

I was looking at the Alpine 103BT but found out it cannot accommodate the steering wheel controls. Other Alpine choices were too costly. I heard good things about the Pioneer 6200 but dont like the way they look and also the knob is hard to grip / awkward. Salesperson told be Sony is not very good. Saw some JVC and Kenwood stuff too, but no models where I was with BT.

I dont really think that my needs are that unique or special. What do any of you suggest?
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