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Need some Toyota Techies

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Need some Toyota Techies, 2AZFE Related

Well i posted this in the forums i usually go to and i didnt get many answers, mainly because its a honda forum, But anyways heres my story/question

My mom has a 02' camry and im getting mixed signals from everywhere, Toyota keeps sendin us coupons and deal things for the timing belt service, So now my moms car has 85k miles on it and its about time to start thinkin about when she should bring it in for service. But the thing is i was at work (just quit thats why i cant do it myself now) and i looked up her motor and it says it has a timing CHAIN. This is what is throwing me off AllData is just about the most accurate shoptool around so im not sure whether to believe it or not. And my mom went to toyota to get an estimate on how much it is and they never said it was a chain and gave us an estimate on doing the timing belt.

So heres my question does the 2AZFE 2.4 VVT-i motor have a timing chain or belt?

When i look at the motor its set up the same way a honda DOHC motor is and it looks like it has a passage for what is where the belt goes. I dunno. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me. I am pretty positive that its a belt.
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I've heard / read that it has a chain.

Only thing I can suggest is take off the cover and have a look.
i believe its a chain too. This reminds me of when my friend had a warranty on his motor for his timing belt. but when something went wrong with his engine he took it in to use the warranty, but it ended up being it had a timing chain. they sold him the wrong insurance and it didn't cover him.
Just from a guess, I wouldn't think that Toyota would ever use a chain. Just because they pride themselves so much on the ride quality, that would be way too loud. But the best way to find out is to check. Pop the hood and take of the protectors.

Give'er a look:)
Ya when my mom comes home tonight im gonna see what i can find out. Thanks guys :thumbup:
All AZ-series engines are timing chains. Toyota has and is using chains in the R-, NZ-, SZ-, K-, T-, TZ-, M-, and ZZ-series motors.

And trust AllData.
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