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First time poster here, I wish it was under better circumstances but as always I have car problems :ugh3:

I have a 2000 Celica GTS with the 2ZZ-GE engine, recently the check engine light has come on, after taking it into the local Toyota dealership here in San Antonio they have come back and told me that the code is due to a misfire in the engine, they gave me a copy of the technical service bulletin EG003-01 and basically say that they need to replace the ECU and the fuel injectors

My problem arises from the cost of these items, my cousin called me and said that I may be able to find the ECU and/or the injectors from a third party and get them installed for a lot less than what the dealership will charge, but this is where my experience ends in this, I dont have a lot of experience repairing cars and I would really appreciate any help that the experts here on these forums could offer me

I'm sure that im leaving off some information that would be helpful, please post if you can think of anything that I should know

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They try to fix a misfire problem with ECU and injector? Try another dealer, don't tell them you went to the first one. What is the error code? Can you scan/take a photo of the bulletin and post it here?

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do you have a aftermarket intake system on the car?
try cleaning the mafs.

When i had a cai on my would throw the check engine light and say misfires all the time...removed the cai and put stock airbox back on and no problems after that.

check your connectors and make sure they are snug...check vacuum hoses for leaks or loose hoses. Just start the car and listen to air leaking.

problems that can cause misfires:
open or short in engine wire
connector connection
vacuum hose connection
ignition system
fuel pressure
egr system
manifold absolute pressure sensor
engine coolant temp. sensor
compression pressure
valve clearance
valve timing
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