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need starter help

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This may seem dumb, but i cant figure out where the hell the starter is? All I see is the tranny. Someone on this forum said it was right below the air filter, but I dont see it there. If someone could please just tell me where it is exactly located in the engine compartment it would be helpful. I dont have anything to lift the car up off the ground with, so I may have missed it if its on the bottom of the car.

thank you

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stand by the drivers fender, look at the large aluminum housing of the transmission. Follow that to the back of engine. 2 larger bolts, 14mm heads will be pointing at you. The starter also has 2 wires on it. The starter is behind the engine uder the intake. Remove those 2 bolts and it will come loose, then arrange to get the 2 wires off, one held on by a 12mm nut, the other is clipped on.

thanks for the reply.....kinda too late, but thanks.

I remembered the clicking sound seemed like it was coming from under the intake, but i didnt think of it then.
so i went back out there earlier and pushed the car up my ramps. low and behold, it was under the intake/efi.

removing the damn thing was such a bitc*!
There was this support for the engine and also the heater lines in the way. finally i managed to get off the two nuts from under the car (it was the only way i could get at it). I took it apart and those connectors inside the solenoid where corroded. I cleaned them and the plunger side. Reassembled.....and wa-la, the clicking sound gone and the car starts up now everytime on the first turn of the ignition switch.

I do have one more question though....
I disconnected the battery for awhile....and i heard that it will erase the fuel mapping tables in the ECU, is this correct?

I am following bshill's manual to re-input the mapping tables. The first few times i started the car, the idle rpm and neutral rpm was like 400! and sometimes the engine would stall, but after about a dozen starts and doing the slow driving thing, i dont notice it that much. Is this normal if i disconnect the battery for a long time? (30minutes approx.)

thanks for the help guys! I am definitely sticking around this place from now on.
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