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Need step by step guidance installing footwell LED to dome

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I'm very eagertall footwell led lights connected to dome, was wondering if anyone can assist me step by step methods since im not familiar with wiring. If some one could let me know exactly was supplies are needed to preform this job and how to install. Pictures or video would be excellent. I have already read through the forums but since im a beginner it was difficult for me to put all the pieces together from different forums. Would r really appreciate the help.

Btw have Camry SE 2010 no sunroof. Interested installing both front and back footwell
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if you did a 5 second search you would of came up with this......
I would suggest STRONGLY that you find someone who can show you the proper ways to solder, use shrink wrap. check for voltages and continuity. Learning to do electrical wiring the first time on your car might result in a burned up car. I realize that as you read about what other guys have done, it seems simple and straightforward. It often is with basic prior knowledge. It is also really easy to do something very destructive, so get some help and save yourself a little grief.
Thanks I appretiate your advise.
if you did a 5 second search you would of came up with this......

FYI I've spent more then 5 seconds searching the forum and i did come across the link you provided but I was searching for more clearer DIY. Thanks any ways.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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