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I bought my 09 Corolla LE back in February. When I bought it, I did not realize the back speakers were not working. (The dealership/previous owner had the sound playing only in the front). :headbang: *please note, im a girl, and easily gullible.*

Anyways, a friend of mine has an extra pair of speakers, and I cant seem to find anywhere online what size I would need to replace the ones in the back. They ones they want to give me are :

Rockford Fosgate `Punch` P1694C Car Speakers 75 Watts/150 Watts Peak/4 ohm.

he says the dimensions are " 10" length, 4" width, 7" height"

Are these to big? Thanks for any help!

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Just check to make sure that the fader control on your current radio is set to the middle, or equal between front and rear. Getting a new set of rear speakers won't fix your problem if there is no signal being sent to them. Highly unlikely that both rear speakers are blown and even blown speakers make some sort of sound.
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