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Hi everyone, I have a bit of small problem. Today I went to my dermatologist who diagnosed me with vitiligo, which makes me really vulnerable to sunburn and cancer, due to loss of pigmentation, and its all over my hands and mouth (No idea how my girlfriend finds my two toned lips and mouth attractive.), and Im thinking of tinting my windows to try to save me from sunburn and lower my risk of skin cancer, but I dont know what specific tint other than heartdisease's reccomendation of 3M Crystal tint to block UV and too much sunlight. Any suggestions are welcome, and I live in PA for reference, but the medical exemption for the tint laws only really mentions clear screen...which i dont understand, and doesnt really talk about tints, so i dont know if i need to fill it out after i get the tint done, but im also holding off till i know more. Thanks in advance! P.s. Any color reccomendations? My 07 is desert sand mica

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Just as a reference, Pennsylvania's usual tint laws are: No tint on windshield, front and rear windows can't be darker than 70%, rear window can be any tint percentage. Your physician should be able to fill out the paperwork if you would like to have tint on the windshield and/or darker than what's allowed by law (This is the paperwork you and your physician should fill out Forms/mv-402.pdf)

Llumar's Formula 1 UV Shield blocks 99.9% of UV rays (supposedly the highest in the tint industry), this is only offered in 85% though so it's not dark at all (and won't provide much in the way of heat rejection), it'll look like you haven't even tinted your windows. The rest of the Formula 1 tint lineup block >99% of UV rays (offered in ranges from 5% to 50% tint percentage so it'll be dark unlike the UV Shield), 3m's Crystalline is similar at >99% too. Here's Llumar's spec sheet for their tints:

At the very least, I'd recommend doing the UV Shield on your windshield, 85% is basically clear as it already is. Even without the medical exception I doubt they'd even know you had tint on the windshield (I have Llumar's Air 80 on my windshield, you can't even tell it's there). Sides and back window will be up to you if you want a darker tint with heat rejection abilities, or a 99.9% UV blocking tint that is clear. Any ceramic film, such as Llumar's Formula 1 Pinnacle or 3m's crystalline are great choices.

You can always give them a call/email them if you would like help in deciding which way you want to go, Llumar would know their product better than us or your doctor.
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