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need trim piece from 88 camry?

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my car failed smog...don't wanna put more money into her. :( if you need a trim piece from 88 camry, manual, let me know. basically, any trim piece. except the front door trim cause i cut out speaker holes, unless you want them like that. ( i took out the pockets, and cut out holes in their place) or anything else that doesn't prevent the car from running to the dismantler. I'm in downtown Los Angeles. Let me know your location and see what we can work out. let me know. getting rid of her soon.
she has the red / burgundy / maroon interior.

backseat has no rips or tears
spare alternator
distributor (may have bad coil)
sun shade / visor
trim from windshield or rear windshield
chrome trim from door exterior
exterior trim.
driver's side glass.
door handles
door sills
ash tray

let me know.

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What Color is the car? I could use the lower driver-side corner of the rear window chrome trim. the two clips that hold in the rear center tail light cover. The adjuster bracket for the passenger side headlight. Just small things. Do you have a Tachometer? Miles?
red exteror, red interior. tach is staying w/ me (did the conversion; may just get another camry). manual doors and windows.

yeah i have the triangle window frame.
I've been looking everywhere for the chrome trim that goes around the windshield on the exterior. If you don't mind parting with that let me know if you can get it off without busting it.
The only trim pieces for the windshield that i have are the side pillar pieces and the corners. The upper most chrome trim was not a firm aluminum type of material, it was a bendable plastic trim piece and is not reusable.

PM if this is what u want.
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